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We are dedicated to contributing to the advancement, well being, and richness of the community through cost sensitive, creative, and environmentally conscious designs. We employ our propensity for the latest technology, our aptitude in cultural sensitivity, and our commitment to ethics to meet the project goals. Our collaborative spirit, attention to detail, deep knowledge of standards, and vigilant communication offer the client a unique and productive working relationship.

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Who We Are, Who We Represent

We are a minority-owned and spearheaded civil engineering firm that is grounded on the pillars of inclusivity, accountability, and excellence. Our experience spans over 17 years in both the private and public sectors and was founded to apply a niche set of design and management skills to projects in the current and evolving local sphere.

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Obra3 is a unified team of civil engineers, traffic engineers, transportation planners, and construction professionals that design and assist in the management and construction of all types of municipal improvement projects.

The repertoire of our experience is diverse. We have seen through downtown/city center street projects to annual overlay programs and pavement rehabilitation projects from start to finish. Our team has  worked diligently to modernize and restore cities into thriving mixed-use, pedestrian-friendly districts. Sidewalk and roadway design has been critical in achieving accessibility for all abilities in the wider community.

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We design projects that meet agencies expectations in the most efficient manner possible.

  • Roadway Design

    • Arterials​

    • Overlay and pavement rehabilitation

    • Roadway widening

    • Intersections and roundabouts

  • Channelization and Signing

  • Environmental Documentation

  • Drainage and Stormwater Management

  • Water Quality, SWPPP, and BMPs for transportation projects

  • ADA Review and Design

    • Sidewalk and curb ramp design​

  • Public Outreach

  • Construction Administration 



We coordinate closely with local agency engineers and signal technicians to produce solid traffic systems and operations.

  • Traffic Signal Design

  • RRFB Systems

  • ITS Systems

  • Traffic Studies and Analysis

  • Traffic Calming

  • ADA Compliance

  • Roadway Lighting

  • Parking Studies and Design

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Utilities are a significant and vital element within our community, and is an integral part of our services.

  • Water system engineering and design

  • Sanitary sewer system engineering and design

  • Stormwater drainage system and culvert replacement engineering and design

  • Utility system repair, rehabilitation, replacement, and new installation

  • Trenchless design

  • Utility undergrounding and joint utility trench design

  • Project management

  • On-call services

  • Franchise utilities coordination

  • Jurisdictional or regulatory agency coordination

  • Public outreach and private property coordination

  • Survey and base map preparation

  • Engineering services during construction

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Bringing a vision to life.

  • Pre-Construction Services

  • Shop Drawing Review

  • Contract Administration

  • Utility Coordination

  • Traffic Control Plans

  • On-site Construction Observation

  • Record and As-Built Drawings

  • ADA Reviews

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We are a small unit that does big work, looking to partner with agencies, contractors, and local engineering firms in Minnesota and the surrounding region to collaborate, bring innovative design solutions, and make extraordinary things happen.

No matter how involved each new engineering project is, our team has the experience to know exactly what is required to achieve success. Check out some of our impressive projects.

Fixing a Pipe


Auburn Way North Preservation Project

This project was probably our most complex to date. The project involved preservation of seven lane miles of a principal arterial through downtown, which impacted many businesses and local transit. We provided survey, design, and construction management services for this project. The project included design and installation of 1,000 feet of 12-inch storm main including manholes and catch basins.  It also included more than 1,400 LF of new ductile iron 12-inch water distribution mains, along with new hydrants, services, and connections to lateral mains. Other improvements within the corridor included roadway, pedestrian, sewer, landscaping, and illumination.

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COA Local Street Program

Through design and engineering innovation, we delivered great results in the this local streets rehabilitation program. By collaborating with the local agency, all client objectives for this project were surpassed. Scope of work included design of grind and overlay, complete road section rebuilds, over forty ADA curb ramps designs, underground utilities, street lighting, sidewalk improvements, private property restorations, construction administration, and public outreach.

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Ramsey County Building 189

Every single team member pitched in for this fulfilling project. For this project, we formed a partnership with a local contractor to serve on a design-build team for the demolition of an abandoned building, known to have asbestos containing material. Our scope of work included survey, design, project management, public outreach, and construction administration.

Accessible Ramp


Design and Construction

As we continue to rehabilitate and rebuild aging roads, one of the major improvements being made are associated with bringing facilities up to current ADA standards. Using the latest AutoCAD Civil3d software and survey scanning tools, we were able to provide designs that could actually be built in the field. Many times, designs do not take into account existing grades, for instance,  which will increase overall costs in construction by having to extend improvements, or re-design all together.   
With a blend of State Agency training and best industry practices, we achieved great results within deadline and budget.

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We welcome your inquiries!

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